Social Networks for Windows

Access your favorite social networks such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram straight from your computer thanks to these desktop clients for Windows

Facebook 2022.1209.5.0 English
Facebook 2022.1209.5.0

The desktop client for the most popular social network

TikTok English

The trendy social network for music videos

Instagram English

Official Windows client of the popular social network


Become a video star on the Internet

Snapchat English

The Windows version of the popular instant messaging app

Twitter English

Official client of this social network

LinkedIn 2.1.7098.0 English
LinkedIn 2.1.7098.0

The desktop app for the social network for professional contacts

PictureMate - View hidden FB pics 3.1.13 English

Search for hidden pics on Facebook

Flatbook for Chrome 3.16.5 English

Extension to make it easier to read contents on Facebook

Pinterest English

The most inspirational social network app for Windows

Facebook Like Button 1.0.3 English

Share any interesting content on Facebook

Pinterest Save Button English

Pinterest extension for Microsoft Edge

Facebook for Adobe AIR English

Facebook desktop client

Foursquare 11.18.0 English
Foursquare 11.18.0

A social network to share places and locations

Nudge 1.0.74 English
Nudge 1.0.74

Improve your productivity when working with your computer

Combin English

Increase your popularity on Instagram

Talk! English

Dating tool for Windows

Gramblr 1.0.0 English
Gramblr 1.0.0

Upload pics to Instagram from your PC

VineClient 1.0.4 English

Control Vine with your browser

Aether 2.0.0 English
Aether 2.0.0

A totally free opinion network

Pin It On Pinterest 0.9 English

Allows readers to share your WordPress posts on Pinterest

Extended Share for Google Plus 4.0.2 English

Share Google Plus publications on other services

Social Monitor 1.0 English

Check how your children use Facebook

Spaz 0.8.7 English
Spaz 0.8.7

Simple Twitter client

Fishbowl English

Use Facebook from your desktop without opening your browser

Tribler 7.2.2 English
Tribler 7.2.2

Innovating social network that simplifies the exchange of files by P2P

2Peer 0.87 English
2Peer 0.87

Share your files in your own private net through Internet