The best game distribution platforms for PC

Discover the best game stores and platforms to download the latest releases in the video game world. Here you’ll find the desktop clients of some of the most important video game distribution services

Roblox 2.555.874.0 English
Roblox 2.555.874.0

Platform with online games created by users

Blizzard English

Connect with your Blizzard gaming mates

Epic Games 13.3.0 English

The client to download Epic's games

Game Jolt 0.75.5 English

Online game distribution platform

Steam 2021.16.12 English
Steam 2021.16.12

The house of video games, now on your PC

IDC Games English
IDC Games

Platform for downloading video games for PC

Kartridge 0.5.2 English

Indie videogame distribution platform 25.4.1 English 25.4.1

A platform including all sorts of indie games

GOG Galaxy 2.0 English

Online video game store

Tencent WeGame English
Tencent WeGame

Online video game store from Tencent

Rockstar Games Launcher English

Rockstar's game store

Bethesda Launcher 1.82.0 English

Purchase Bethesda games online and discover new contents

Playnite 9.10 English

Bring all your video games together under the same interface

Utomik English

The gaming platform with a monthly flat rate

Facebook Gameroom 1.24.7732.32363 English
Facebook Gameroom 1.24.7732.32363

Facebook's gaming platform

Ubisoft Connect 118.0.10358 English
Ubisoft Connect 118.0.10358

The platform for all the Ubisoft games

JogoBox Beta English

Access many games on your computer

Tiggit 0.88 English

You collection of free games

Game Downloader 4.0 English

Free games for your PC

EA App English
EA App

The store to download games from Electronic Arts