Educational Games for PC

Learning through play is the core idea of this collection of educational games for PC with which children can have fun while they learn and develop

Google Blocks 4.0.1 English

Blocks by Google lets you create and design 3D objects by means of virtual reality

FindThatWord 0.1 English

A word search puzzle editor

NagiQ 1.0 English

Recover all the mystical letters

Number Race 3.1.1 English

An entertaining way to learn numbers

Monkey Tales 2.0 English

Have fun while you learn

Way 1.3 English
Way 1.3

A game to learn how to communicate

Murfy Maths English

The most entertaining way to study maths

Privates English

Sexual education as a platform shooter game

Omnitux 1.2.0 English
Omnitux 1.2.0

Great way for children to learn while playing

Childsplay 1.6 English

Learning and entertainment all in one

CubeTest 0.9.3 English

Exercise your mind by finding out what cubes are identical

Sebran 1.491 English
Sebran 1.491

Brilliant way to learn letters and numbers